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Neil Jerram <neiljerram at> writes:
> 2009/10/24 Aditya Gandhi <aditya.g8 at>:
>> Hi guys, I'm expecting my Free Runner in a day or two....
>> I wish to know as to how many distributions can I Run side by side ,
> It is very easy to run two: one on the internal flash and one of the
> first partition of the SD card, with Qi as the NOR bootloader.  Then
> pressing the power button alone will boot the SD distribution, and
> pressing AUX+power will allow you to boot the NAND distribution.

1. Qi can't be installed to NOR.

2. Booting from NOR shouldn't be adviced because it initializes some
devices in a wrong way which may result in at least increased power
consumption. Likely gsm or something else won't work.

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