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hab keen oh ne baba_melone at yahoo.de
Mon Oct 26 10:27:16 CET 2009

Hi community,
Im using the neo freerunner for 2 years now as an every day phone. It has great features which allow combined with the openness a great functionality (for instance I use the accelerator as some kind of wii controller). But theres one huge problem I have. Its ugly, and the ui is slow, too slow, despite maybe QtMoko. I cannot hand the phone to my parents and say 'Here, take a call'. Besides, under SHR scrolling between the applications is so slow, it even decreases the usability. And the sex appeal of the SHR GUI is near to nothing. So I suggest to centralize those issues at least on one wiki page with the aim to:
get graphical hardware acceleration with the glamo chip (even 2d acceleration would be great for the gui)
provide pretty UIs, especially some SHR themes would be great.
create a good web browser offering smooth scrolling.

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