ffalarms 0.3 -- recurring alarms

Łukasz Pankowski lukpank at o2.pl
Mon Oct 26 21:16:49 CET 2009

lukpank at o2.pl (Łukasz Pankowski) writes:

> Jeffrey Ratcliffe <jeffrey.ratcliffe at gmail.com> writes:
>> On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 02:07:32AM +0100, Łukasz Pankowski wrote:
>>> - add support for recurring alarms, attaching messages to alarms, and
>>>   choosing alarm date from a calendar
>>> - add configuration option for alarm volume, alarm_script and alsa_state
>> Brilliant - I can almost throw my old phone away now. I'm just missing
>> one last feature - I would love an option to vibrate instead of ring -
>> ringing wakes the rest of my family, whilst vibrate just wakes me. :-)
> I may add vibration support in the next version.  For now you can
> do that by setting fancy alarm player in ~/.ffalarmsrc:
> [alarm]
> volume=-1
> player=sh -c 'for x in `seq 1 10`; do kill -CHLD "$PPID" || exit; mdbus -s org.freesmartphone.odeviced /org/freesmartphone/Device/LED/neo1973_vibrator org.freesmartphone.Device.LED.BlinkSeconds 2 100 100; sleep 10; done'

Of course you can do it simpler using repeat instead of shell for loop,
than this kill-hack is not needed:

player=sh -c 'mdbus -s org.freesmartphone.odeviced /org/freesmartphone/Device/LED/neo1973_vibrator org.freesmartphone.Device.LED.BlinkSeconds 2 100 100; sleep 10'

> the kill command is to test the parent process is still running as
> killing the this sh process with sig TERM for some reason does not work
> (may be you now a better way to do that?)
> for explanation of "volume=-1" see [1]
> One way to support it would be to make ffalarms aware of phone profiles,
> so that if the profile is Silent or Vibrate than it Vibrates instead of
> playing the alarm (and may be start playing after a minute).
> [1] http://ffalarms.projects.openmoko.org/#configuration
>> Regards
>> Jeff

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