Centralization of graphical awesomeness

Tony McKeehan mckeea at rpi.edu
Mon Oct 26 21:23:54 CET 2009

Would this only work with SHR/QtMoko, etc, or would this also work on 
Android? I guess my question is, can this be solved from the kernel, or 
is it done through the distribution itself?


Yogiz wrote:
>> Anyway, I agree we should make QVGA work well, and I would use it for 
>> most apps.  We should also keep in mind ways to allow use of the high 
>> res screen -- maybe picking certain apps (like browsers) that could 
>> switch to VGA automatically, and making sure the transition between 
>> resolutions is a smooth, fast, and automatic (where desired).
> Here's an idea I'm not sure I've heard before and I think it should be
> pointed out. When there was discussion whether to use VGA or move over
> to QVGA I was for the higher resolution, because viewing maps,
> terminal, pdfs and browsing at higher resolution was more important for
> me then speed. If however we could have everything at QVGA by default
> and change smoothly to VGA when required we could have all of the good
> and none of the bad.
> Sounds very good to me.
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