David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Tue Oct 27 09:48:45 CET 2009

OK Tuxbrain will be there, :)
so we have Qalee , and FSO presented by his creators, mmmm yummy

Is not very clear yet but we had in mind to do a #1024 rework party in
Barcelona after the FOSDEM , so we will try to make it in FOSDEM too,
just to make clear this time the rework will not be for free, but we
will try to adjust the price as much as possible.

Well I have full fill the form for ask for a devroom for the
Openmoko-community on 2009-11-29 we will know if we were approved or

Please all interested in present/share/hack with his projects there
post in this tread, later on I will make a wiki page to try to
organice it ,  until now we have 3 proposals, Qalee, FSO, #1024

QtMoko, SHR, Hackable:1.... any one?

David Reyes Samblas Martinez
Open ultraportable & embedded solutions
Openmoko, Openpandora,  Arduino
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2009/10/26 Christophe M <meumeu1402 at>:
> Hi !
> I think I can be there and help for anythink and, why not, present Qalee.
> David, do you want to move there ?
> Christophe
> 2009/10/26 Pieter Colpaert <freepage at>
>> Dear list,
>> Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February 2010 there is another FOSDEM. We
>> (openmoko-community) haven't been to FOSDEM lately (correct me if I'm
>> wrong) and that got to change. What about having our own devroom and
>> give a sign to the world this community has not died since all what
>> happened lately. So my question is:
>> Who would like to come and represent openmoko?
>> Any thoughts on FOSDEM?
>> Pieter
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