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DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Tue Oct 27 10:01:58 CET 2009

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
>> Also, I installed Qtv14 (thanks to Radek for that distribution), and
>> that I see? I is fast enought, scrolls fast, react fast, and so on. So,
> scrolling is different in qt. it is a simple blit. in efl it's a redraw. efl is
> very much like GL. you get a lot of power and abilities with it, but you do
> pay a price for it. unlike qt, efl's scrollers have smoothly scaled item
> contents, backgrounds, translucency and everything. if you make the theme
> SIMPLER with just solid rectangles, like qt - efl will begin to be closer to
> the same speed. all that pretty stuff comes at a cost. and people want their
> pretty. tone down the theme to bare rectangles and text and it'll be faster.
> comparing qt and efl is apples vs oranges. efl simply does a hell of a lot more
> in the graphics department. and people are using that "hell of a lot more"

AHAHAHAHAH.....Guy, please go home....
I followed this thread and read too much bul***it but now it's very very 
interesting your position! So E it's a very 
optimized-full_of_fancy-magical-biggest window manager BUT all of his 
stuff works like Qt only if you don't use them! :D VERY FUNNY!
Please stop spitting sh*t on the Glamo and the Freerunner, E is simply a 
pain-in-the-a** and nothing more.
It never NEVER worked in an acceptable manner in EVERY my desktop system 
since 4 years (with nVidia graphics cards, not "GLAMO" or Freerunner), 
Compiz+XFCE are light-years way faster and optimized than that E's bunch 
of uncommented and "always-in.beta" (and not standards compliant) code...
Please don't fool our brains and simply admit you are not able to work 
on embedded systems as on desktop (and personally I've got some doubts 
even on this).
I can't accept to read something like "my code is highly optimized BUT 
as you have a shi**y device you cannot run on it unless you deactivate 
all its features"....go work in Micro$oft and write their "optimized" 
Aero GUI pretending to work on a 10Ghz quadcore Cray processor with 1TB 
RAM and 4 graphics card....
Be serious please...

>> E and E's programs just need optimizations. Openembedded in all sucks,
>> as it brings no benefit (same glibc and kernel) with bunch of drawbacks
>> - no easy way to compile for it, so (for me) it's uneasy to figure out
>> that's going on with E. No oprofile where.
> you have no idea how many optimisations they have. saying they need them is
> like saying "linux needs virtual memory! it just needs it!". it HAS it. in
> spades. read the code. you wont find routines for rendering faster in most of
> the world. (when it comes to software). the other engines can full offload to a
> subsystem (gl, xrender, etc. etc.) *IF* it is there. WHAT e is doing is
> different to qt because thats how it is being used. if you reduce what its
> doing to be the same as qt, you will find the speed becomes similar. the reason
> qt looks faster is that it is simply doing less.

So E it's not as optimized ;) I prefer to "reduce" that "doing-thing" 
but have a responsive device instead of have to "read the code" to look 
how much is optimized to render like a Commodore 64
>> I wish E to be faster!
>> Gennady.

I wish E to be fired ;)
I consider Glamo the worthiest thing Sean and his staff ever thought to 
add on the Freerunner but Qt with framebuffer are the proof that 
optimized and well written code is possible and even with Glamo some 
smooth and fancy GUI are possible...
Nothing personal...

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