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Thanks Xavier, for stopping what was going to be a flamefest.

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Xavier Cremaschi
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> DJDAS a écrit :
> > It never NEVER worked in an acceptable manner in EVERY my desktop system
> > since 4 years (with nVidia graphics cards, not "GLAMO" or Freerunner),
> > Compiz+XFCE are light-years way faster and optimized than that E's bunch
> > of uncommented and "always-in.beta" (and not standards compliant) code...
> > Please don't fool our brains and simply admit you are not able to work
> > on embedded systems as on desktop (and personally I've got some doubts
> > even on this).
> I beg to differ, your personal experience is not mine (E17 being damn
> fast comparing to xfce). E17 is fuck**g fast on limited hardware.
> > I can't accept to read something like "my code is highly optimized BUT
> > as you have a shi**y device you cannot run on it unless you deactivate
> > all its features"....go work in Micro$oft and write their "optimized"
> > Aero GUI pretending to work on a 10Ghz quadcore Cray processor with 1TB
> > RAM and 4 graphics card....
> > Be serious please...
> I think you miss the point :
> - qtmoko/qtopia is pretty because of good skin and good uniformity
> - qt in qtmoko is very simple (for example no transparency, no fancy
> controls...)
> - E17 as used in shr/om200x uses more advanced things than qt in QtMoko
> - E17 as used in shr/om200x is not as pretty as qt in qtmoko (well done
> qtopia team !)
> If you put the same things in both qt and E17 -- for example if you try
> to mimic qtmoko gui with E17 and if you disable everything in E17 that
> is useless in order to produce qtmoko gui-- E17 will be faster.
> A fast FR means a simple GUI and QtMoko is simple and pretty... I would
> say it's well balanced indeed, it fits well the FR. But E17 displaying
> same simple gui controls would be faster, no doubt.
> Xavier Cremaschi.
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