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Tue Oct 27 12:31:04 CET 2009

Hi guys !
I don't want to feed the troll but lets compare what's comparable ...
You compare Qt framebuffer with E over Xorg ... In one case you have a Xorg
who is running in the other it's directly accessed ...
To compare, let's take ( for example :) ) Qalee  it run a Qt over Xorg with
transparency, ...
When developing it I've made some tests, everything that's move on the
screen is slooow and it's even more slow when we have transparency
effect applied. So during the development I've banned scrolling and  thinks
that are moving. The feedback I received is that it's more fast than other
thinks ( except Qtmoko, no X ).
I personally think the problem is not the toolkit ( but no, I don't like E
), I think Qt can do the same thinks (or more?) as fast as Enlightenment
It's the way it's developed. We have an hardware that is slow for some
reason ( graphic drivers ?, hardware problem?, ... ), we have to work with
it ( and think how get can improve it ), so don't take "an application that
work on other hardware" and push it as it on the phone and complain it's
slow, if you like E, just remove thinks that doesn't work on the freerunner
... or use Qalee :)



Openmoko phone gui :

( Last alpha before first stable core release coming soon )
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