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On Tue, 27 Oct 2009 15:47:02 +0100 DJDAS <djdas at djdas.net> said:

> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> > well as i said. it works fine and fluidly on many other devices. 
> Even Windows Vista works fine and fluidly on 3000$ desktops this doesn't 
> mean it's optimized ;)
> > but.. if i were smart.. i'd not develop apps for the freerunner. it's a
> > "dead product". it has no more being produced. it has no evolution path.
> > there won't be a gtao3, 04, 05 etc. everyone quit or was fired/let go from
> > om that worked on phones.. or worked on pretty much anything. your future
> > is other devices.. and these don't suck with EFL. i'd not compromise the
> > future if i were smart. 
> Let me you know that in nowadays payments system about 70-75% POS 
> terminals run on Z80 processor or Motorola 68k family...when you stripe 
> your card the system reads the magnetic stripe/microchip (handling 
> security encryption stuff) calls the banking server, communicates with 
> the cash register shows you the PIN request and prints the 
> receipt...there is no need for a quad core to do these things 
> concurrently ;)
> Personally, before buying the Freerunner I had a Nokia 3650 for 4 years, 
> so I'm not one of those who "need" the latest hardware to run the latest 
> software which does nothing more than add fancy icons providing the same 
> functionalities and costing double than the previous one...so when I'll 
> have the "need" to buy a new device probably OM or someone else will 
> provide me a new OPEN hardware (this is what I really need, nothing 
> more) to develop, and use, OPEN software :)
> > why are you not complaining that linux sucks on an 8086 on
> > your desktop? 
> Because Linux doesn't sucks on an 8086 ;) because Linux is well 
> designed, is scalable, is optimized and can run even on a 8086...Desktop 

i think you just illustrated my point where i don't think you know what you are
talking about. an intel 8086 can't run linux. a linux requires a minimum of an
386 with mmu. the 8086 was a 16bit precursor to it.

> is another thing, I don't need compiz or E to show a window with two 
> buttons to connect my wifi or calculate my monthly expenses, this is 
> only a commercial stuff, not for me ;)
> > because hardware moved on. most games i know of are written to
> > work on the highest end graphics cards at the time. why? 
> Because software houses and hardware manufacturers have to sell 
> something to stay on business ;) we are talking about an open platform 
> to develop and use open software on, not on selling an iPhone ;)
> > by the time the game
> > is out and is selling - everyone has finally upgraded to those cards. they
> > were top end 3 years ago when game design started. now they are "low to
> > middle end". gta02 is a a middle end device that came out 4-5 years after
> > its components were middle end - except the LCD. you have a 4-5 year old
> > set of components driving a high end screen. you will pay a cost.
> >
> > the developers are smart if they look forward to where hardware will be in N
> > years and make sure they are on the right path for that. if it works now
> > with some tuning and simplification of things like themes - then great.
> > their code, apis and logic dont need a rewrite every few years.
> >   
> This is only commercial stuff, I don't want to sell nothing to anyone, 
> just develop for fun and use my Freerunner as a phone without the need 
> to wait 3 seconds to answer a call...
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