Centralization of graphical awesomeness

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Wed Oct 28 10:13:43 CET 2009

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> well.. you're telling the one that wrote the graphics code, that has read the
> glamo hw docs, has worked on it long before freerunner was on sale, who has
> written graphics code for many platforms, manye cpus of many varying levesl of
> speed (from 7mhz 68k up), many gpu's from old console hardware to 3d gl... that
> he's talking bullshit (and being very rude about it, providing no evidence,
> numbers or anything else to back anything you say up) about exactly the things
> he's deeply involved in. thus.. you must be an expert beyond my experience and
> abilites.
No and...NO I said I read too much bull**it regarding the approach used 
when users complains about graphic speed. I didn't say you are a liar or 
incompetent just your system is not "the one", there are many different 
choices so if another system is faster than yours MAYBE there should be 
a reason and obviously it's not only Glamo issue. You said E does many 
more calculations than Qt not me so I simply pointed this doesn't mean 
me (as a user) MUST accept perfect-fancy-heavy background calculations 
at the cost of speed and responsiveness.
And for this I pointed (yes I was rude but 2 years of the same "shut-up 
you bought a looser device so don't complain" messages altered my 
patience ;) ) that your approach of porting a desktop system to an 
embedded one it's not as easy as ./configure && make && make install 
cross compiling.....and for this I talked as a bit competent in embedded 
devices (not on graphics) development.
As a GUI designer and technician you should very well know users 
perceive responsiveness and usability not "background calculation" so 
*seeing from the end user point of view* I can tell Qt is way far faster 
than E (even if it does less things...)
> if you have something concrete to offer rather than being rude, insulting and
> simply rubbishing things you know little about, then contribute. 

I will ;) please give me and my staff a couple of months...
> i have been
> factual, realistic and constructive. i have stated that freerunner is a limited
> platform. it's one of the slowest (if running at its native resolution i have
> ever worked on, and i've worked on a fair few. 
Several months ago I saw a rootfs image you provided as a 
proof-of-concept of you new gadgets (clock, buttons) and keyboard (IIRC) 
why simply you didn't ever provide a rootfs with a 240x320 configured 
screen to show the 4x speed enhancement? I am sure people trying the 
smoothness and responsiveness of Illume at 240x320 would never complain 
of a lower resolution!
Furthermore I don't understand why a lower resolution (and in this I 
agree with you people are strange ;) ) would become in an unusable 
device while the iPhone at the same resolution is the best usable device ;)

> ...
> the users and developers that insist on vga, that they are paying a high price
> for their insistence. the hardware simply wasnt designed to be optimal on vga.
> trust me. i've read the glamo docs. vga is the top LIMIT of its capabilities.
> it's being stretched. these developers ALSO decide the themes they use as part
> of building SHR for example. the default is a generic default - it's not tuned
> for "really slow systems". 
Why don't you? You are the only one (and I sincerely believe this) who 
can know how to optimize things, why don't you show users what they can 
do instead of telling "it's limited, stop"?

> as for e17 not runing on any desktop acceptably. i really have to laugh at
> that, as i have had it run acceptably on an hp mini-note 2133. 1 ghz via c3.
> really slow. e is just fine on it. just compile and run. compiz doesn't even
> start on it. so don't get me started in how wrong you are there. e runs on
> beagleboards (omap3 - 600mhz) just fine. this is roughly an equivalent machine
> to the netbook (give or take).
I'll send you my desktop PC :P

> it is all factual and based on imperative
> results and engineering work. not being an "it manager" and being rude. you
> have implicitly called me a liar and have also implicitly claimed i know not of
> what i speak.
No, please read my previous posts, I claimed your approach to end users 
complaints is of closure. Sorry if you interpreted this as a personal 

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