Insisting on metaphors that exploit the device's weaknesses (Re: Centralization of graphical awesomeness)

Laszlo KREKACS laszlo.krekacs.list at
Wed Oct 28 10:43:32 CET 2009

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 10:27 AM, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer
<mickey at> wrote:
>>The problem is : on the freerunner we merely need something to display some
>>simple widgets, scroll the screen smoothly (because on a small display you
>>always need to scroll)
> Why do all of you insist on using scrolling as the only metaphor to present
> excerpts of large content? Given the physical size of the display and the
> hardware constraints (touchscreen jitter, for a start... not going to comment
> on the Glamo) I think this is very questionable. There are other metaphors
> available that would fit the device's strengths much better. What about paging?

Or discrete scrolling. (ie. only scroll by lets say 48px height).

Also text only scrolling would be useful to speed up.
(most of our scrolling happens on the text).

Or dont load the whole text only the first 20 lines of it, and when you hit
at the bottom, load the rest of the text. (Im implementing this approach,
and I expect better speed of this *workaround* then what elementary
provides by default)

I do believe that scrolling can be speedup. Especially for texts.

I also think that a zoom in/zoom out interface can be also speedier
than what the current scrolling is. zoom out the texts, and
zoom in the other part of it...

What I think our hardware shows really its limitation is the animations.
But I dont think scrolling falls in that category.

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