Centralization of graphical awesomeness

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Wed Oct 28 11:38:22 CET 2009

Cedric BAIL wrote:
> Man, what didn't you understand in: "YOU SHOULD WRITE A THEME THAT
> DON'T USE THAT MUCH FANCY STUFF ?" ? The EFL are fast and optimised,
> but you should adapt the theme to what you ask. So write a theme that
> look like QtMoko and I bet you will have at least the same speed (My
> personal guess is that it will be faster, but I don't have time to do
> that).
I don't have time too!!! I don't want to write a theme that REMOVES ALL 
THE FUNCY STUFF! I'd like (did I ever say that?) AS AN END USER to have 
something by default that demonstrates its capabilities. And at the 
moment it simply doesn't!

> As of you are beeing rude, you are not even reading what people are
> telling you. Stop yelling and start some real work. You already know
> what should be done to improve the situation. You will find edje doc
> here: http://docs.enlightenment.org/auto/edje/edcref.html . Now start
> your home work.
Yes I'm rude because my approach is to solve the problems not shutting 
up people saying "you have a shi++y hardware so don't complain" and this 
alters my patience. If you are happy to be fooled after believing in 
this fantastic project, spending money, spending a lot of time you are 
welcome, I don't and I'll look for everything doable to make this device 
(and if ever will be another one in the future) better.

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