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Cedric BAIL cedric.bail at free.fr
Wed Oct 28 11:56:32 CET 2009

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 11:38 AM, DJDAS <djdas at djdas.net> wrote:
> Cedric BAIL wrote:
>> Man, what didn't you understand in: "YOU SHOULD WRITE A THEME THAT
>> DON'T USE THAT MUCH FANCY STUFF ?" ? The EFL are fast and optimised,
>> but you should adapt the theme to what you ask. So write a theme that
>> look like QtMoko and I bet you will have at least the same speed (My
>> personal guess is that it will be faster, but I don't have time to do
>> that).
> I don't have time too!!! I don't want to write a theme that REMOVES ALL
> THE FUNCY STUFF! I'd like (did I ever say that?) AS AN END USER to have
> something by default that demonstrates its capabilities. And at the
> moment it simply doesn't!

So either you have something like QtMoko without fancy stuff, and it
will be faster, or you have some fancy effect, but slower fps. That's
it. You can cry, you can yell, it will not be possible to do something
more than that. Yes, it is frustrating, but the world is like that,
you need to compromise. Choice has been make that people prefer fancy
stuff over speed, and you are one of them apparently, so the
compromise make sense. If you want better perf, switch to another
theme and E will feel faster.

>> As of you are beeing rude, you are not even reading what people are
>> telling you. Stop yelling and start some real work. You already know
>> what should be done to improve the situation. You will find edje doc
>> here: http://docs.enlightenment.org/auto/edje/edcref.html . Now start
>> your home work.
> Yes I'm rude because my approach is to solve the problems not shutting
> up people saying "you have a shi++y hardware so don't complain" and this
> alters my patience. If you are happy to be fooled after believing in
> this fantastic project, spending money, spending a lot of time you are
> welcome, I don't and I'll look for everything doable to make this device
> (and if ever will be another one in the future) better.

You don't want to solve the problem. You want the world to be like you
dream it. But this hardware has limitation that you should take into
account, if you don't, you will wast your energy and the energy of
others for nothing. And yes, it costs to accept that the hardware we
have is not as powerfull as we would like it to be. And yes, it costs
to accept compromise. Welcome to the real world.

So now, I ask you, what do you propose ? At least raster give you a
few possibility.
Cedric BAIL

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