Centralization of graphical awesomeness

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Wed Oct 28 12:27:43 CET 2009

Cedric BAIL wrote:
> So either you have something like QtMoko without fancy stuff, and it
> will be faster, or you have some fancy effect, but slower fps. That's
> it. You can cry, you can yell, it will not be possible to do something
> more than that. Yes, it is frustrating, but the world is like that,
> you need to compromise. 
That's exactly what I said in my previous post it's not me that is 
saying "E is the best piece of software, all the others are sh*t" and 
I'm not crying, I worked to optimize my personal distribution based on 
an old FDOM and it's quite responsive and daily since september 2008, I 
try always to optimize things and some time share my knowledge with 
other people, I don't agree with Raster and SHR maintainers simply 
because they don't care users but think about themselves and this is why 
I never installed SHR and won't never write a program using EFL.
Did you see any other posts from me crying my FR is slow and unstable 
and unresponsive and shi**y and so on? No! I simply wrote yesterday 
because I saw since last year only messages like "you have a bad 
hardware so what you want?" and I don't think it's a good promotion to 
achieve new customers or developers to the community...so if you tell me 
that this is the approach I take it on account and will do my work for 
myself not trying to share my knowledge with a community which rounds 
only around Raster and SHR like Gods....
I want to be proactive not simple yell, but I see only people who say 
"Raster is right" not trying to study or thinking in a different way...
Can you point me at someone who is different from this approach?

> Choice has been make that people prefer fancy
> stuff over speed, and you are one of them apparently, 
Maybe you missed my previous posts, I said exactly the opposite: I don't 
NEED nor want fancy stuff at the price of speed this is why I don't 
consider E *FOR ME* a good piece of software....because I prefer to have 
something responsive and written to be to, especially if its aimed at an 
embedded device with low capabilities (in general but especially the FR).

> You don't want to solve the problem. You want the world to be like you
> dream it. 
I want a world in which a community shares its thoughts and discovers, 
not a community which depends on 3-4 people who say "I'm right you're 
wrong, stop!" and think them as God in Earth....Passiveness is bad, EVER!
> But this hardware has limitation that you should take into
> account, if you don't, you will wast your energy and the energy of
> others for nothing. And yes, it costs to accept that the hardware we
> have is not as powerfull as we would like it to be. And yes, it costs
> to accept compromise. Welcome to the real world.
I perfectly know this and if you read carefully my previous posts you 
see exactly what you're writing
> So now, I ask you, what do you propose ? At least raster give you a
> few possibility.
I'm not a graphic expert, I'm trying to test some stuffs and looking for 
alternatives, when I'll reach a milestone if you'll be interested I'll 
share my thoughts...

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