Centralization of graphical awesomeness

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Wed Oct 28 12:51:46 CET 2009

Davide Scaini wrote:
> DJDAS i share some thoughts with you ideed... but: this is a 
> community, why don't you share your work?
Simply because ATM our work (it's not ONLY mine but we are a team of 
about 10 people) it's not more than a simple prototype, we are hardly 
working but obviously in our spare time so we prefer to achieve almost 
an alpha stage before sharing our ideas ;) they're too much a WIP...
> Sincerely, I'm interested in "what works" as an end user and as you 
> already said. I'm not involved in this competition, and i just want to 
> get out the most from this discussion to have a working brick. So 
> please don't misunderstand me. (I'll try lowres tweaks asap, my fr is 
> getting buzzfixed now)
I'm too interested in "what works" but more in "what we can do to let it 
work better", it's not a competition, it's a matter of research, sharing 
ideas and propose, not stopping at what we have here, whining and 
nothing more (otherwise I would by an HTC with Android if I only wanted 
a Linux-phone)
> So why don't we talk about future? What are we going to do with our 
> brick?
I think we could do very beautiful things, we need only a couple of 
months, as I said previously, and then we could speak about how push 
forward our work :)
> ps: I think that SHR is what now is "working out of the box", is 
> moving fast and imho is the best distro i tried (qtopia, debian, shr, 
> om, hackable - i tried all of them); i hope that with 
> this: http://blog.shr-project.org/2009/10/shr-theme-contest.html 
> they'll find some fast and working theme.
Personally I don't, but world is beautiful because it's various :P

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