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Matthias Huber matthias.huber at wollishausen.de
Wed Oct 28 13:03:08 CET 2009

Al Johnson schrieb:
> On Wednesday 28 October 2009, Davide Scaini wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> i would like to build some packages for shr that i feel i miss (like
>>  gnuplot or so... and maybe do some stupid interface, but not in the
>>  immediate future). Where do i start? I tried to find a source on the
>>  openmoko wiki, but with no sure answers... I'm sure you can give me a
>>  simple reference to start ;-)
> SHR is based at shr-project.org, and the link you want is:
> 	http://shr-project.org/trac/wiki/Building%20SHR
> Note that it may not build cleanly at the moment as the devs are concentrating 
> on some major changes in another branch, and the build procedure will change 
> when they pull this branch into unstable soon.
> SHR uses OpenEmbedded (OE) so development howtos for OE and bitbake will apply 
> to SHR as well.
> The initial build will take a long time and a lot of disk space. Once that is 
> done, building extra packages that already have bitbake recipes is usually 
> easy:
> 	cd /wherever/you/installed/it/shr-unstable
> 	. setup-env
> 	bitbake packagename
> If you are using your own repository, update the repository index with:
> 	bitbake package-index
... and if do don't get this to run like me, you can try (like i 
sucsessfully did):

download: http://downloads.openmoko.org/developer/toolchains/

documentation: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Toolchain

happy compiling !

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