[hard] Need advices

Thomas HOCEDEZ thomas.hocedez at free.fr
Wed Oct 28 14:41:58 CET 2009

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller a écrit :
> During our professional buzz-rework initiative we had approx. 3  
> devices where the mic was dead after rework. Just removing all  
> components and resoldering (new) ones did help in all cases. So I  
> don't know exactly what the reason was (maybe no contact of a solder  
> point or a short circuit across the capacitor), but it was possible to  
> fix.
I answer myself :

this midday I was worrying about this semi-bricked FR, so I came back to 
home to do some extra checks.
I put my efforts on the small resistor that has to be changed (the 
vertical one on the bottom left):
- I Tried to measure it directly onboard : 0 ohm -> seems to be dead.
- I shorten it, then tested with  a "recorder" app. I could hear my voice !

So It can be a way to check this one. The "shorten" resistor cause the 
recorded sound to be really loud, so I'll put a small resistor (2k) inplace.
Hope this can help other people : some other cases have been reported by 
Bearstech (France).

Thank you all for your quicks answers ! My friend will get back its FR 
fully fixed!

P.S. : I didn't remove the 1024Fix while performing those actions.


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