fatfingershell V0.2

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rizurita at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 28 14:42:50 CET 2009


--- On Tue, 10/27/09, Łukasz Pankowski <lukpank at o2.pl> wrote:
>Rafael Ignacio Zurita <rizurita at yahoo.com> writes:
>> Hello people,
>>   there is a new version of fatfingershell (0.2). 
>> Moreover it is comfortable for fat fingers.
>Thanks for that, really usable shell.
>The keyboard lacks only small feature, I tried to run 
>$ mdbus -s org.freesmartphone.otimed
>and made a typo, and I see right and left cursors (preferable
> on < > keys in FN mode) are a must.  I can do well with
> C-p and C-n to browse shell history (as you hit them
> once or twice), but multiple C-b or C-f
>to move inside the line to edit it is a pain and unusable.

Well, I use bash, and set -o vi, so I can use ESC, and then
h j k l for left, down, up, right ;-)

But, yes, arrows keys are in my TODO list.

Thanks for the feedback.


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