Centralization of graphical awesomeness

Bernd Prünster bernd.pruenster at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 16:13:01 CET 2009

DJDAS wrote:
> Xavier Cremaschi wrote:
>> No.
>>  From the user point of view, a recipe :
>> - take SHR or Om2009
>> - put a simple theme instead of the default one
>> - notice it's very fast
>> Where is the part with the user who cannot use this or that ?
> That as Raster correctly said, "default" is something that should do 
> everything as-best-as-possible, and default in all "E distros" is a 
> pain-in-the-a**
> This is a distro maintainer issue ok but remember I'm talking from the 
> user's point of view and from this point of view it's a matter of E not 
> distro maintainer configuration (given both distros suffer the same 
> problem).
> And until some months ago there wasn't a simple theme for Illume (and 
> please don't tell me creating Illume's themes is as easy as Qt or GTK...)

i'll tell you something about e themes: so you have teh possibility to 
make everything constist of what you want ant look like you want it.
if i have the time i will make you an e theme that uses hardly äny 
images and as little layers as possible it will be very fast in comparison.
best example for single layer atm should be the toolbars in elm and 
illume using gry* theme, which can be made even faster if you use some 
tricks (yes i have something specific in mind but i dunno if i'll 
actually impelent it (no the user wont SEE any desing difference, but 
the code-wise design would get ugly and i dont think i want that).
if you want to theme e you will probably need more time to get into it, 
but a soon as you are in it you can radiacally change the way it behaves 
and the way it looks.
you have much more possibilites which means moch more potential for 
optimization the gtk will ever give you, because the desing of gtk 
limits you VERY MUCH, edje doesn't.
i've wrote 3 themes until now (of which 2 have been released third one 
was playground for exploiting how far one can go using edje, when you 
see it you'll shit bricks!). i can make gry* even faster, but the them 
is still in development and there still soem decisions to make before i 
can start to kick out even the last bit of unneeded stuff (also it gets 
a little tricky if you try not to use any images and still want to make 
it look good also testing is required to find out what gives you 
ultimate speed with nice looks...)

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