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Sebastian Krzyszkowiak seba.dos1 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 16:44:36 CET 2009

On 10/28/09, DJDAS <djdas at djdas.net> wrote:
> And until some months ago there wasn't a simple theme for Illume (and
> please don't tell me creating Illume's themes is as easy as Qt or GTK...)

But I will. Creating Illume themes and even redesigning it completely
is easier than for Qt or GTK+. I tried it (i'm author of Niebiee
theme), so I know :P

Really, you're annoying.

> other people, I don't agree with Raster and SHR maintainers simply
> because they don't care users but think about themselves and this is why
> I never installed SHR and won't never write a program using EFL.

Now you showed that you shouldn't write anything in this topic. How
the hell you can say "SHR developers don't care about users", when you
never used it? And without basic knowledge about what's going? (to
explain: for some time there is launched contest for light, fast and
good looking Illume and elementary theme in SHR, which will became
default, as we wanted to change default theme for really long time.
Also light themes which already exist - niebiee, nEo and gry* - are
available in repositories)

Really, calm down. You're using strange arguments, which don't cover
reality at all. And it's really near to trolling (if it isn't

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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