[QtMoko] glamo mplayer

Matthias Huber matthias.huber at wollishausen.de
Wed Oct 28 19:02:54 CET 2009

Xavier Cremaschi schrieb:
> Dan Staley a écrit :
>> I was thinking about this the other day.  There are arm4 ports of 
>> myth-frontend....so I wonder how well the frontend would run on the 
>> freerunner. 
>> It is designed to look good on low res screens....
>> I may try installing the front-end after I get my new myth system migrated.
>> Has anyone else tried this?  I'm bet you could run mythtranscode to 
>> change the video streams to something reasonable for the freerunner....
>> Also, if nothing else, I bet it could play music from your mythbackend 
>> pretty well...
>> -Dan Staley
> I tried to watch TV from Freerunner+Debian at microSD+mythtv-frontend
> Nothing else but a black screen :D
> Btw I confirm that mythtv recordings are MPEG2 TS (transport stream)
> Xavier.
did someone already try to port vlc media player ?

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