Strange behaviour of elementary entry and illume keyboard. Did anybody noticed it?

Laszlo KREKACS laszlo.krekacs.list at
Wed Oct 28 19:15:11 CET 2009


Have anybody noticed, when you type some text in a elementary entry,
then you click on any other element (a button for example) and you
click again on the entry.

Now the cursor is still at the end of the text. But when you send some
chars using illume
keyword it inserts the chars *before the last char*.

And what is really strange: The backspace button (or swiping left on
the keyboard) does erase the LAST char.
Even after you inserted some chars already before the last char. The
backspace still erase the last char.

Once you erased one char from the end (using backspace), you are back
to the normal behaviour.
The cursor is at the end, when you type chars, it inserted at the end,
and the backspace deletes the last
char too.

Any possible explanation?

Best regards,

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