Centralization of graphical awesomeness

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Wed Oct 28 19:50:36 CET 2009

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak wrote:
> But I will. Creating Illume themes and even redesigning it completely
> is easier than for Qt or GTK+. I tried it (i'm author of Niebiee
> theme), so I know :P
> Really, you're annoying.
>> other people, I don't agree with Raster and SHR maintainers simply
>> because they don't care users but think about themselves and this is why
>> I never installed SHR and won't never write a program using EFL.
> Now you showed that you shouldn't write anything in this topic. 
> How
> the hell you can say "SHR developers don't care about users", when you
> never used it? And without basic knowledge about what's going? (to
> explain: for some time there is launched contest for light, fast and
> good looking Illume and elementary theme in SHR, which will became
> default, as we wanted to change default theme for really long time.
Maybe a contest asking if users wanted to launch "opkg upgrade" without 
messing their system at random one day yes and the following no?
Maybe asking if the unstable or stable o testing branches could be 
useful for ALL instead of deciding to break things without any advice? I 
think community driven means "we want to decide one thing do you agree 
with us or suggest something better?" not "we decide to do something and 
you are only passive testers" simply because even the Freerunner is a 
high end user device, not every high end user is a Linux system expert 
or able to fix something...But maybe I'm wrong so sorry again...
> Really, calm down. You're using strange arguments, which don't cover
> reality at all. And it's really near to trolling (if it isn't
> already).
It's not trolling, I never trolled or wanted to, but asked questions and 
told my opinion (I was rude in my first post but I explained why), if 
this is not acceptable only because I don't fully agree with Raster or 
SHR devs it's not my problem and I'll continue to work by myself and (if 
possible) share my results with anyone interested in, otherwise it's 
really not a problem and my life will go on as ever :) my way of 
thinking the Freerunner is written in the little green card I found in 
its box...
So sorry again and good bye.

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