[SHR-u] Wifi, Keyboard and scripting

Matthias Huber matthias.huber at wollishausen.de
Wed Oct 28 23:54:05 CET 2009

Johan Kraft schrieb:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the answers, they are just what I needed. I should have
> been more clear on the first one though.
> I asked:
>  "Is is possible to have it _not_ suspend as default when on battery?"
> What I really meant was:
>  "Is is possible to have the FR _not_ suspend as default when on
> battery, without going through the settings menu?"

should be normal behavior(not to suspend while on cable), but i also get 
sometimes the case, that it is suspending, although on the usb cable.
just replug and it won't be asleep furthermore. (happens some time, hope 
devs correct it in future)

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