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you remind me an argument with a programmer i had,

he claimed that all testing should be manual, while i claimed, if you invest at the first step 3 time as much; all the way from now you can have the testing for use faster and easier for everyone not just you , who thought of the test.

well the answer was that the test should be done manualy since that way , you learn much more about the system, then after you write the code one.

you and him are right, however what would you rather do? pick the trail after broken images , sniff the world for the right distro for each distro takes hours to setup, or do the switches swiftly?

please don't rationalize your answer since you did it before , that means its a tradition that needs to keep on going.

i got one last question. 

how many mails have you got here in the list that people say:"i am selling my openmoko since i don't have the time to set it up."?

a lot of people give up on this small child games, that a computer can do and should do.

if the moko wants to go anywere in needs to be more automatic to my opinion, even if the holder of this opinion is an hotmail user.

d flecktor out.

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You'll miss 66% of OM fun with such utility.

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