Insisting on metaphors that exploit the device's weaknesses (Re: Centralization of graphical awesomeness)

Petr Vanek vanous at
Thu Oct 29 09:24:32 CET 2009

> lots of alpha blending - if you have the 16bit engine you get no
> scale cache (thats 32bit engine only). but worst.. is the font
> style. check carefully. text has a soft dropshadow. that is drawn
> by 1. drawing the shadow first and that draw 25 copies of the text
> with very faint alpha. THEN draw the text on top. that is a pretty
> big expense. there is no text effect cache in evas at the moment,
> so this really hits you. turn off the soft dropshadow effect in the
> theme.. and watch it get 3 or 4 times faster (expedite has a test
> just for this
> - on a desktop (in fps) i get 128 and 489 fps respectively just by
> having no soft shadow on the text). thats pushing on close to 4
> times faster. it's an effect - that doesn't come cheaply. the
> alternative (an actual blur filter) isn't too cheap either. but
> it's something that can be improved for sure. you want it fast?
> turn it off. :)

Thank you for all the explanation. I think the 32bit engine is the
only to go with now. Perhaps the optimization is is already done,
maybe not.

@Bernd Prünster: you are already very good with this, it would be good
to see the difference, if not used already... mind to try the above in
gry* ?

> i started a
> rewrite- illume2 is in svn. its much cleaner and leaner designed to
> allow for replacable home screens (ie a home window provides by
> either another e module or another process). as well as "top
> shelf" (inf act any corner/region of the screen) can also be a
> window provided by.. another module... or another process etc. its
> much more like the kbd code. it's started. it's not usable. it's on
> the backburner until a bunch of other tasks are done that are much
> higher priority.

ok, will hope for better times to come

> > developed? What do you use on small device? Illume was ditched
> > long time ago, is there not a replacement with attention?
> > Anything you could recommend?  
> can't talk about it :)

perhaps we can benefit from it in (near?) future... :)

thank you


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