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Thu Oct 29 20:52:38 CET 2009

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 7:17 PM, c_c <cchandel at> wrote:
>> I hope you find it useful c_c, and you implement it in your intone
>> program. No more excuse ...
>  I will :-D Thanks!
>  There are a few pending things to be done in intone. Will do them soon.

I also figured out a rough way to autoscroll lyrics based on the music:
1. We know the current position and the length of the music:
t_percent = t_cur/t_length

2. We can scroll an elementary scroller:
(x_cur, y_cur, x_max, y_max) = scroller1.region_get()

y_cur = int(y_max*t_percent)
scroller1.region_show(x_cur, y_cur, x_max, y_max)

It will be not accurate (so when we scroll with our finger, we should disable
the autoscrolling feature), but should work most of the time;-)
(also reenable when songs changes)

Also I have thinked a bit about lyrics timing function.
We should display the lyrics as normal edje TEXT. So
we can change each line's color. Also we need some buttons (preferably
over the text).
No scrolling required in this scenario. We see the current line and
past two lines and the
following two lines.

I can cook up a proof-of-concept gui for this, if you have trouble.

If you have trouble with my precedent example, I can finish the intone gui
(I already did a hbox with some buttons;-), just didnt want to confuse you.
But the idea is simple, we are using edje for the same as you used vbox.

Best regards,

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