Launcher v0.41 - New Release

Petr Vanek vanous at
Thu Oct 29 21:56:48 CET 2009

>  Here is the latest release. Changes :-
>1. Clean Ups, Bug fixes and Speed ups (hopefully)
>2. Should indicate last call made and sms sent in contacts app
>3. Better re-sending of failed sms's

good, good!

first start was somewhat slow, so i erased the .launcher db to start
fresh, although now i think it was framework still starting...

now it starts damn fast!

it feels very responding, after all data is loaded. (most delays seem
to be caused by waiting for the opimd data).

two minor issues:

1) in contacts, all the categories are listed twice (all empty), this
was also the same in .39. 

2) opimd fields should probably be configurable
somewhat, now it doesn't show all my fields... or did i miss something?

phonelog now allows functional call deletion, great! (after launcher
restart, i can see some calls from 1.1.1970 again but i think the
opimd db got borked, i will erase it and start fresh).

thank you,

kind regards

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