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Fri Oct 30 05:12:52 CET 2009


Petr Vanek wrote:
> good, good!

Petr Vanek wrote:
> it feels very responding, after all data is loaded. (most delays seem
> to be caused by waiting for the opimd data).
  Actually, the contacts are synced the first time only. The SMS's are
typically not that many, but for opimd to go through all the calls, parse
them and send them through the dbus really takes long. Since launcher
doesn't know if you received calls when it wasn't running, it uses the time
of the last call it has in its local db to query for newer calls from opim.
Hence the delay. Typically, about 10 - 12 secs. Keeping a smaller log will
speed up launcher. 
  I've been thinking of deleting all the calls older than those launcher
displays - or some x days automatically. What do you think?

Petr Vanek wrote:
> 1) in contacts, all the categories are listed twice (all empty), this
> was also the same in .39. 
  That must be something I'm doing wrong in the db creation. While I solve
that issue, you could remove those duplicates (and change them to something
more appropriate to yourself) manually by changing the category names in the
contacts_cat table.

- sqlite .launcher/launcher.db
- delete from contacts_cat; (or delete from contacts_cat where
- delete from contacts_cat where key = 1;
- insert into contacts cat (category) values ('your_new_cat');

  I will finish work on the customisation of categories in some time.

If you have deleted the old launcher db - you've lost the categorisation of
the apps and the contacts. Maybe I need to shift this to another db - so
that the working db can be deleted but this data remains.

To set categories for the contacts click on set cat. You'll see a list of
your contacts. Select a category, select the contacts you want in that
category and click 'Set Category' button. The selected contacts will be
removed from this list and appear under their category.

Petr Vanek wrote:
> 2) opimd fields should probably be configurable
> somewhat, now it doesn't show all my fields... or did i miss something?
  That's missing. I'm working on it - should be done soon. Thanks for all
the feedback. Did you like the the fact that your contacts now show when you
contacted them last?

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