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Fri Oct 30 05:44:14 CET 2009

  I've thought of doing something similar. The only problem I face is
creating the edje files. But :-

1.  If we're looking at going the edje way - which does give far better
layout options (something I had thought about for intone anyway) it would be
better if intone's look could be overhauled.

  What I mean is, for eg - we could have rounded buttons (play/pause),
simple animation for sliding out the vol control etc.
  My thinking is that since the core seems fairly stable (need to add
reporting mplayer errors though) - the gui can go through a transformation.
We could get more feedback from other users too (even as the gui develops).
I could give you (or anybody else who's interested) write access to the svn
- that will help the dev process and make it faster.

  The only reason I haven't moved to edc files is my limitation with the
layout. Your help (or anyone else's) will be welcome in improving the user

2.  I'll look at implementing the mplayer error reporting part soon. That's
something that causes most of the remining hangs (if they do occur) - since
right now intone doesn't respond to mplayer crashing / hanging / getting
killed. And this is a drawback. The right behaviour should be to pause, tell
the user something, re-start mplayer and continue playing from where the
error occurred or move on to the next song.

3.  Then - I will add the auto-scrolling feature for karaoke.

What do you think?
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