Launcher v0.41 - New Release

Petr Vanek vanous at
Fri Oct 30 08:09:29 CET 2009

>> it feels very responding, after all data is loaded. (most delays seem
>> to be caused by waiting for the opimd data).
>  Actually, the contacts are synced the first time only. The SMS's are
>typically not that many, but for opimd to go through all the calls,
>parse them and send them through the dbus really takes long. Since
>launcher doesn't know if you received calls when it wasn't running, it
>uses the time of the last call it has in its local db to query for
>newer calls from opim. Hence the delay. Typically, about 10 - 12 secs.
>Keeping a smaller log will speed up launcher. 
>  I've been thinking of deleting all the calls older than those
> launcher
>displays - or some x days automatically. What do you think?

if the number of days is configurable (possible to set to "unlimited"),
this would be very good.

>> 1) in contacts, all the categories are listed twice (all empty), this
>> was also the same in .39. 
>  That must be something I'm doing wrong in the db creation. While I
> solve
>that issue, you could remove those duplicates (and change them to
>something more appropriate to yourself) manually by changing the
>category names in the contacts_cat table.
>- sqlite .launcher/launcher.db
>- delete from contacts_cat; (or delete from contacts_cat where
>- delete from contacts_cat where key = 1;
>- insert into contacts cat (category) values ('your_new_cat');
>  I will finish work on the customisation of categories in some time.
>If you have deleted the old launcher db - you've lost the
>categorisation of the apps and the contacts. Maybe I need to shift
>this to another db - so that the working db can be deleted but this
>data remains.
>To set categories for the contacts click on set cat. You'll see a list
>of your contacts. Select a category, select the contacts you want in
>that category and click 'Set Category' button. The selected contacts
>will be removed from this list and appear under their category.


>> 2) opimd fields should probably be configurable
>> somewhat, now it doesn't show all my fields... or did i miss
>> something?
>  That's missing. I'm working on it - should be done soon. Thanks for
> all
>the feedback. Did you like the the fact that your contacts now show
>when you contacted them last?

couldn't enjoy this one yet, from home i have to call from a gsm gate,
there is no signal inside my house... but will test this afternoon or
on the weekend,

thanks for all the great work and time! :)

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