[wikireader]Suggestions for next steps on software

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at tuxbrain.com
Fri Oct 30 16:21:35 CET 2009

Though on how the evolution of the soft of the wikireader must be, I
have oredered the sugesstions by impact on functionality/easy to
implement ratio, of course under a totally  non-hardcore developer and
only-one-week user criteria.
*First and prioritary,
allow have multiple languages on same sdcard, I think a one easy
approach is to have a selection menu on boot with the available
languages on the sdcard (looking at the sufix of the pedia files
"pedia_es", "pedia_de", "pedia_pt"..... ) present a bare text menu
with the items, select,  and then operate as usual.
More complex things like changing of language inside a topic or
include non wikipedia content to  that menu using a config file can be
implemented later on.

adaptation of the keyboard for internationalization, I suggest ,as
quick fix, the introduction of a third keyboard screen with the
special chars like  ñ, ç, ... add here the common chars on  other
european languages, to simplify not include accentuated vocals and
consonants , when searching a word you will select the correct
accentuated one on the list. Cirilic, chinese, japanese, arabic and
other completly diferent alphabets is a full redo of the keyboard,
there are important to have in  but I don't describe his
implementation and be selectable as quickfix...

Use long press of the buttons search, and history to:
long press on search = launch other apps, present a menu (loaded from
a config file to launch apps like  the calculator(calc.elf file
included in the sdcard)and the multiple apps people will start to
develop on this platform, (note taking app will be helpful for

I think change the behavior of the history short press as back is more
useful than actual one, and on long Press present a menu to
back/forward/view history/change content menu

Random is funny as it is please dont touch :)

Include images , I know  this will increase a lot both the space on
sdcard and cpu load of the device, but they can be implemented as
link(pic) in the main content and once clicked open them at full
screen , and pressing the history(back) button and return to content
, same aproach with formulas. zoom in/out maybe aviable from a long
press on the screen with a pop up menu, a fixed scales and max image
size has to be defined on what the device can handle. of course this
image strored in the sd are b/w bitmaps, the host is the responsable
of make the render of the original ones to this format. Maybe formulas
can be rendered on the device if they are stored in latex on the
wikipedia and the Wikireade can handle this or has to be redered as
images on the host it it can't be done.

What do you think about?

David Reyes Samblas Martinez
Open ultraportable & embedded solutions
Openmoko, Openpandora,  Arduino
Hey, watch out!!! There's a linux in your pocket!!!

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