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Fri Oct 30 16:25:42 CET 2009

On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 5:44 AM, c_c <cchandel at> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I've thought of doing something similar. The only problem I face is
> creating the edje files. But :-
> 1.  If we're looking at going the edje way - which does give far better
> layout options (something I had thought about for intone anyway) it would be
> better if intone's look could be overhauled.

I agree. Completely alternative displays could be implement as simple
.edj themes.

>  What I mean is, for eg - we could have rounded buttons (play/pause),
> simple animation for sliding out the vol control etc.

We can play with it yes. However I cant imagine what you mean under
"simple animation for sliding out the vol control".

>  The only reason I haven't moved to edc files is my limitation with the
> layout. Your help (or anyone else's) will be welcome in improving the user
> experience.

We can go with an incremental approach. So no need to implement all at once,
but develop always a little.
If you implement what I posted above, we are already at the .edje theme.
So no extra "voodoo" is required, we can replace other elements with our
custom design step by step.

So the first step is definietly implementing elementary layout.

> 2.  I'll look at implementing the mplayer error reporting part soon. That's
> something that causes most of the remining hangs (if they do occur) - since
> right now intone doesn't respond to mplayer crashing / hanging / getting
> killed. And this is a drawback. The right behaviour should be to pause, tell
> the user something, re-start mplayer and continue playing from where the
> error occurred or move on to the next song.

Seems an important feature.

> 3.  Then - I will add the auto-scrolling feature for karaoke.

I think it can be the first step, as it is only a minor programing challenge,
and only requires elementary layout, which is required anyway.

> What do you think?

I can help you, yes. BUT, I was never able to compile anything for the
freerunner, I could not modify any program which was written in C.

So unless someone can invest time to teaching me for compiling,
developing setup for C, Im unable to help in the programmic part,
basically because, I cant touch the code.

And I also lack C knowledge. I only can code in python and I know a
little elementary/edje programming (embryo scripting).

(Btw, I dont really understand why programming in C is required in
intone, as all the speed critical part is provided by third party
(mplayer, enlightenment). Besides intone does not launch fast.
It launches 6 sec for me on the freerunner, while my own python program
launch 6 sec too. So no speed improvements either.

Im not campaigning for python or anything, just dont know the main
motivation. Python is definietly easier, and development cycle is
much shorter (no compilation required).

If you are willing spend on me multiple days on irc, then I can involve
more into intone, if not I can provide example codes for specific feature.
Thats my offer;-)

Best regards,

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