[WikiReader] file system questions

Doug Jones dj6mf at frombob.to
Sat Oct 31 02:10:27 CET 2009

> Yes, I had missed the point of the monolitic app, so then an easy
> approach to make different apps (menus,calculator, note taking, basic
> drawing, ...) is to enrich  it in the reader app itself this way maybe
> some services (read services as already implemented functions in the
> code of the reader app) can be used by the little apps, understanding
> than this little apps are not independent apps but just another screen
> of the same big app.

Actually, the possibility that interests me the most is the idea of 
making it easy to put additional content into the reader.  The current 
software is good at displaying textual content, and good at searching 
for text as well.  The hardware is less than optimal for the other types 
of apps you mentioned  --  but it's a good reader.

There are many sources of text that one might want to carry around in 
such a device, not just Wikipedia.  E-books, websites, mail archives, 
other wikis...   all we have to do is build the tools to convert the 
content into a format the device can understand.  This is much easier 
than writing new code to run on the device.

For those people who want to write code that runs on the device, there 
are plenty of things that would make it an even better reader.  But I 
expect to concentrate on the WikiReader tools that run on other computers.

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