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Tue Oct 6 13:45:31 CEST 2009


When posting Content to the Google Code website
( or when sharing Content obtained from this
website with others, you agree that you are solely responsible for
complying with U.S. export control regulations, including the Export
Administration Regulations ("EAR"), and all other applicable export
and import laws and regulations. These regulations require that all
postings of open source encryption code be simultaneously reported by
email to the U.S. government. You are responsible for submitting this
email report to the U.S. government in accordance with procedures
described in:
and Section 740.13(e) of the EAR.

Users residing in countries on the United States Office of Foreign
Assets Control sanction list, including Cuba, ***Iran***, Libya, North
Korea, Sudan and Syria, may not post or access Content available
through the Google Code website.

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