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Tue Oct 6 13:45:31 CEST 2009

response to a series of LCP Echo requests - controlled by the
lcp-echo-interval and lcp-echo-failure options in /etc/ppp/options.  I
reasoned that there is no good reason for the GSM network to fail, and
that I don't want my GPRS connection to drop if the GSM network is
temporarily unavailable, so I commented out these options - which has
the effect of pppd not sending LCP Echo requests to check if the
network is still good.

This seems to have helped.  I now sometimes get into a different
problem scenario - where the ppp interface is still there, and has an
address, and the routing table looks good, but for some reason data
just isn't getting through.  (e.g. ping gets no response).
But this happens less frequently than I was seeing connection dropping
before, so I think that suppressing the LCP Echo requests is a net


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