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Tue Oct 6 13:45:31 CEST 2009

experiencing bad call audio quality; and I've personally had some bad
reports of this recently (and my phone has been buzz-fixed).

One of the problems, with trying to work on this, is finding a way to
test audio quality repeatedly without spending lots of money on call
charges and without taking up a lot of someone else's time (as the
callee).  Can anyone suggest an experimental technique that is
reliable - in the sense of being close enough to what really happens
on a call - and that doesn't take a lot of money or someone else's

The best I've found so far is to call my work voicemail, speak to it,
and get it to play my recording back to me.  But that's still costing
a bit.  Any better ideas?

Also, any recommendations on which of the various available mixer
programs is the most effective for trying out audio setting


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