Fwd: buzzfix in India

Vikas Saurabh vikas.saurabh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 04:59:45 CEST 2009

A lot of thanks to IDA Systems (Rakshat and Zoheb) as Vibhav and I
finally get the buzz fix done. And alongwith that our phones got
blessed with the 1024 fix as well :D.

Sorry for no pics of the naked moko being fixed.

Regarding the fixes:
Buzz fix: I (recepients of my calls) haven't been observing lots of
buzz fix anyways (maybe due to my provider's freq range); so I don't
know how much has the fix saved the day. One thing is for sure that
the call quality hasn't degraded.
1024 fix: I am on SHR-U so avoiding deep sleep was just 1 line of
config. Anyways, after the fix I have removed that line and haven't
yet missed even a single call. So, I assume that the modem is indeed
going to deep sleep without losing registration (Is there a better way
to test it???). I haven't been able to check increase in battery life
(today my phone would get zero juice....lets see how long can it

There is a small side effect...though I am unsure if it due to the h/w
mods (but that I observe the issue just after the phone is fixed seems
like to big a coincidence).
If I let the phone go to auto-suspend (after being idle), and then
bring it back to life by pressing power button then it goes back to
sleep immediately after waking up. The second power button press
resumes it normally.
I don't observe this if I manually make it go to suspend or if it
comes out of suspend due to call.

PS: BTW, we got the buzz fix in roughly this

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