QtMoko v10

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Thu Sep 17 22:55:55 CEST 2009

i am now uploading images of QtMoko on debian v10. You can download as
usually from:


MD5 sums:

1e02650d10fae92d25371a191bc37fa5  qtmoko-debian-v10.tar.gz
cd9a11e1a8d00efa9a418678f2cfeacf  qtmoko-debian-v10.jffs2
2e4998463523afed3d16b64a7f09ee10  uImage-v10.bin



Changes from previous version:

* Fixed memory problems - we dont use tmpfs because it was eating ram.
* Fix frozen GUI when text was clicked when writing SMS (theexcetption)
* Keyboard in passwd field in browser now work (Ghislain van der Steen)
* Fixed "Restart Qt Extended"
* Dash is now default shell
* Message reader - confirmation of dialing after clicking on the phone
number link (Anton Olkhovik)
* FingerKeyboard - added support of additional unicode layout, has now
ENTER key and fixed destructor (Anton Olkhovik)
* Disabled unused font engines
* Shopper and Keypebble VNC moved to package repository.
* Pkim is now more finger friendly (theexcetption)
* Using kernel from SHR

Again this release should be much better then the previous ones.

However there is now bug when QtMoko is booted first time, after initial
settings the GUI freezes. You can either power the phone off (10s power
press or ssh and do /etc/init.d/qpe.sh restart). After this all should
be fine. I will try to find out what's wrong, but didnt want to hold
this release because of this problem.

Memory is now like twice as much as in v9 so it should solve problems
with stability in some apps (QX, web browser).

We are now using dash as default shell. This improves speed (e.g. boot
is ~15sec faster) and memory footprint (~1MB). If you would like to use
bash, just do "cd /bin; rm sh; ln -s bash sh".

I have also decided to temporary use kernel from SHR, because packaging
kernel produces ~30MB of modules while SHR modules are ~6MB

For next release i am going to fix the first-time-freeze-bug and i will
also take a look at the bug with lost SMS. With great help from Paul i
am now able to reproduce it.

So thanks for everybody who helped with this release. I hope you will
like it.



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