Is xserver-xorg-video-glamo freezy for anyone else than just me?

Al Johnson openmoko at
Mon Apr 19 13:15:38 CEST 2010

On Monday 19 April 2010, Neil Jerram wrote:
> On 17 April 2010 00:20, Neil Jerram <neiljerram at> wrote:
> > On 15 April 2010 00:49, Timo Juhani Lindfors <timo.lindfors at> wrote:
> >> Run watchdog daemon. That will at least make your battery contacts
> >> wear less :-)
> >
> > Thanks, I'm doing that now.  Must switch back to glamo to see if it works
> > now...
> Perhaps interestingly... I switched back to glamo, and before very
> long I got a freeze again - and the watchdog didn't do anything.  That
> is, it didn't cause the phone to reboot, and the phone stayed frozen
> for at least 10 minutes, until I decided to pull out the battery.
> Is it possible that the watchdog userspace process would not notice
> the freeze?  If not, does that mean that my kernel must have frozen
> too?
> Thanks for any further ideas!

Watchdog hardware usually works by causing a reset if it doesn't get poked in 
a given time interval. Since there's a kernel driver involved I assume that's 
the case here. If the freeze, be it kernel or user space, stops the watchdog 
being poked then you get a restart. You may be seeing the kernel continue 
while the glamo freezes. Or I may be making the wrong assumptions about how 
this watchdog works ;-)

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