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> Hallo.
> I have a freerunner a7 and  I bought it 3 months ago.
> The battery lifetime is too short...
> I mean, when I use it as regular computer, a full charged battery with
> suspends e.t.c. takes almost two days to discharge.
> But when I insert sim card and I use it as shell phone with 2-3 short
> phone calls, a full charged battery with suspends e.t.c. takes 18
> hours to discharge.
> So every day I have to change it again and many times in the midday.
> Where is very small difference on battery discharge between suspended
> and not suspended.
> I use QtMoko for OS.
> Is this issue common on small computers?
It's most likely this issue:
If your freerunner has the fix applied you can activate calypso deep
sleep as described on this page. It works for me.

> Thank you...
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