/ GTA02 kernel sources?

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Apr 27 03:20:45 CEST 2010

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Some fast guys were  
> able to copy many files from the Googe cache but the Wiki war mostly  
> lost.

Somewhat unrelated, but I wonder how the git-wiki projects are doing. is supposed to give a clue
where the action is, but I find it somewhat confusing. (I guess it
would be much more useful if it only had a zoom ...) looks quite nice. A git-based Wiki that also
gives access to the repository would nicely solve the backup problem.

If the Wiki content is stored as plain files and revision meta-data
lives in git only (and its consistency is therefore ensured by git),
this would even allow for editing of the local copy with commits
from the command line, finally eliminating the evil Web-only
interface. Not sure if the git-wikis work like this, though.

- Werner

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