Create personal Maps for tangogps or similar

Kevin Zuber openmoko at
Thu Aug 5 12:26:15 CEST 2010

Thanks a lot for your answers!

I'm a contributor of OstreetM already (it's really easy with
tangogps), but I've never heared of OseaM, thanks for pointing this
out to me.

The problem is, that I've bought this commercial analog maps for
personal use. I've scanned them in and merged it into a big .png file.
So there are some copyright issues preventing me from contributing the
data to OSM.
If I have the possibility to connect my sonar to my openmoko and log
the depth with the gps coordinates I would contribute the collected
data to OSM. But at the moment I need the map for navigating on the
water. With the map on the openmoko this would be a lot more easier
and it would be really great to mark points with the openmoko.

So I need an easy way to achieve two things:

a.) calibrate my picture to the gps coordinates. Maybe with an OSM
overlay (50% transparency).

b.) split the calibrated file into fitting parts for tangogps and put
them into the right directory.

especially for point b.) I need to know more about the directory
structure of tangogps (tiles cache). I'm still searching for this.
Point a) can be done manually with a compiz transparent window over
google maps and then looking which coordinate the left upper and the
right lower corner have. But I also would be happy about new/other
approaches :).


2010/8/5 Xavier Cremaschi <omega.xavier at>:
> Le 05/08/2010 11:44, David Garabana Barro a écrit :
>> Why not contributing to OSM?
>> That's the sense of a free map...
> He may want to control the render of the map. I think contributing to
> OSM then developping your own rendering tool is not that easy.
> But yes you could add your data to OSM, it's never a bad thing to do ;)
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