When is the next and more powerful openmoko releasing

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Fri Aug 13 12:41:03 CEST 2010

> And, I never understood why we should assume, that a premier league  
> player would ever care for a small community like ours.

not for that small community per se.
it would most likely be only a intersection of interests.
the manufacturer would be able to
- gain a reputation as being "open" (which might appeal to goverments as  
well b/c of several reasons)
- additional promotion by mouth-to-mouth through people being interested  
in open devices, probably cheaper than paid merchandising for the same  
- somewhat broadened developer base
- android inspired cost structure: make your hw specs public -> enable  
developers to make the best from it -> gain market share since your device  
offers the most b/c developers can use the hw and are not limited to  
app-like apis (cf iP[od|hone|ad])

with the success of android, i think a more open approach might appeal to  

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