When is the next and more powerful openmoko releasing

Julius Gehr jules at cs.tu-berlin.de
Fri Aug 13 12:57:34 CEST 2010

> > I will not use any other 'smartphone' (computerphone), which:
> > 
> > - is not Linux or FreeBSD driven and open as Linux/FreeBSD are normaly 
> > - does not have X11
> > - does not provide access by SSH to the system
> > - does not have a resistive touchscreen (to address single pixel)
> > 
> > So, an iPhone is no option for me; if my Freerunner will fail, I will
> > try to get it working again, and I will wait until the next generation
> > of OpenSource phones, even if I would have to reactivate my old Siemens
> > S10 for some time, meanwhile waiting.
> > 
> > Give me UNIX or give me a pencil :-)
> Do I interpret you correclty, that your answer to my questions are:
> * I will wait *any* time, as long as it fulfills my opensource requirements

As long as there is nothing like a GTA03, I have to wait. Stop waiting
does not give me the GTA03. So I will wait any time... hoping that my
GTA02 lasts a while.

> * I accept any price

I would pay the costs of similar but closed hardware and additional
100 - 200 maybe 300 EUR for the opensource and non-industrial approach.

I would like to see a GTA03 phone with better gsm sound quality, faster
cpu, umts (or something like that) and less stability issues with wifi,
suspending, graphics/X11 and rotating.


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