WikiReader sales and the future of Openmoko Was: When is the next and more powerful openmoko releasing

Martix at
Fri Aug 13 17:08:27 CEST 2010

Hi community,

I want to share a few news about WikiReader and Openmoko Inc. I am
publishing with permission my short interview with Sean Moss-Pultz the
CEO of Openmoko Inc.:

> May I have a question? How is it going with WikiReader? Are WikiReader
> sales satisfactory?

Much better than expected. We're getting into major US retailers this
summer. And launching in Japan tomorrow. We've already sold 4x the
total number of FreeRunners. And we're just getting into the channel
now. So I'm quite excited about our chances with this product!

> I wonder if you and your company are planning to
> create more open source/open design devices, maybe successor of Neo?

Absolutely! WikiReader is fundamental to this. What we're doing is
getting our channel setup. To survive in consumer electronics you need
volume. And still, the only way to get volume is through retail
stores. So everything we're doing is focusing on making that
successful. Then we can build more product that stand for the same
principles (open) that got us started.


Martin 'Martix' Holec

PS: I heard on IRC something about next Openmoko phone running
Android. I think, it's a good idea. Android will provide stable
software and community can port existing fully open distributions like
SHR, Qt Moko etc., which it should be easier on open hardware. After
experience with Neo FreeRunner it seems like better plan.

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