[wikireader] There are updates!

Doug Jones dj6mf at frombob.to
Fri Aug 13 19:59:02 CEST 2010

I just noticed that there are updated WikiReader files available. 
Happened a couple months ago. I don't think this was announced on the 
list at the time  (or at least I didn't see it whizzing by).

I see that the little gizmo can handle multiple wikis now.  You can put 
subdirectories on the SD card and it knows how to use them.  This is 

There are a bunch of languages available, as well as English Wiktionary 
and English Wikiquote.



If you want to use torrents for downloading instead, go here:


(That page is labeled 'Beta', but the links now appear to be pointing to 
the same files listed on the other page.)

There's a developer blog too:


P.S.  Can anybody give a list of 16GB SD cards that are known to work in 
the WikiReader?  Or should we expect that they all will work?

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