[QtMoko] how to work on a theme

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Aug 15 08:33:11 CEST 2010

Joif wrote:

> Radek Polak wrote:
> > You can also mount NFS for /opt with qtopia directory on your PC and
> > avoid transfering filies. Or you can use SSHFS to mount Freerunner's
> > filesystem on
> > your PC.
> ehr... actually I don't know how to do that :)

apt-get install sshfs

and this is mount line in your fstab:

sshfs#root at      /mnt/neo      fuse    
user,users,defaults,noauto    0  0

> but, although I installed all the required packages, if I proceed with the
> configure I receive:
> $ ../qtmoko/configure -device neo -D _FORTIFY_SOURCE=0 -confirm-license
> -rtti
> This is the Qt Extended Open Source Edition.
> Skipping confirmation of the Qt Extended license agreement.
> Testing the system Qt: FAIL
> Qt Extended requires Qt 4.3 or higher to be installed.
> You must have qmake in your PATH.
> If your system's package manager does not provide Qt 4 development
> libraries please see the Guide to Configuring and Building Qt Extended for
> information on how to build Qt from the included source.
> Alternatively, pass -build-qt to configure and it will build Qt for you
> (and then bootstrap QBuild from that).
> make: *** [src/build/mkconf/configure] Error 2
> I'm on Debian Squeeze x64, I installed qt4-qmake, libqt4-dev, qt4-dev-tools
> and all their dependecies.

The dependencies look ok to me. You can try passing -force-build-qt argument 
to the configure script if that helps.



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