QtMoko v25 - experimental with 2.6.34 kernel

Gennady Kupava gb at bsdmn.com
Sat Aug 21 21:03:40 CEST 2010

Hi, Tha_Man,

> I have a question about the (any) new QtMoko release. Have you tested
> the new kernel(s) to support Gennady Kupava's overclocked settings [1]
> (both using uboot and Qi)?

Overclocking is not major thing really. I think only thing worth testing
and using without any compromises is glamo 2-4-2 timing settings. Which
is working without problems on .29 kernel with qtmoko V24, and works
flawless with .34 kernel here.

500mhz especially clk3 version is not really of big value and not worth
Radek time, as it increases power consumption significantly, but really
faster on some tasks but slower in other. Exact numbers for power
consumption are unknown, as nobody seem tested this so far. Whole
overclocking/reclocking is a bit marginal as tradeoffs are quite big.
May be useful only for heavy cpu-bound tasks, like compilation, which is
not target for qtmoko for sure. Use glamo 2-4-2 instead, it brings
noticeable graphic speed increase.


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