WikiReader sales and the future of Openmoko

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at
Sun Aug 22 18:33:56 CEST 2010

> And if it frees up
> developer resources to doing just hardware and kernel support by not
> doing a huge effort like OE-based Om2007.2/Om2008/Om2009 on the
> software distribution, I'm all for it.
on htcdream, having something half-usable was so hard...
for instance:
No alsa driver shipped with the android kernel.
Thanks to codeaurora/qualcomm for writing an alsa driver...but I spent
countless hours trying to debug it(with printks)...
At the end it worked but it was far from easy.
wifi(we spent a long time looking at kernel config),GPS(I was only a
tester/dumper),real-suspend(the offending commit was found by alain2210
after a very long git bisect) etc....
each thing to make work was hard...(but in another hand I'm a kernel newbie)

Thanks to leviathan,mickeyl,alain2210,phh,Thingol etc... for the help!!!
now it's a lot more usable, and I look forward for:
*GPS integration in FSO(should be done very soon)
*fix the remaining buffer underruns in alsa(fix avaliable but I wasn't
able to make it work)
*keyboard mapping
*wifi PSM

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